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KEYSHA WHITAKER is a writer and critic (usually of herself) whom Dunkin Donuts employees have named one of the top five customers to watch how much cream goes into her coffee. Her writing has been featured in The New Yorker, The New York Times, McSweeney’s Internet Tendency, Reductress, The Forward, Full Grown People, Brevity,  and others.

She appeared as the radio personality “Prozac Girl” on HOT 97’s Star and Buc Wild Morning Show during its #1 ratings-run in the early 2000s where she interviewed celebrities including Lil’ Kim, Queen Latifah, LL Cool J, and 50 Cent. She also appeared on-air at 94.3 WYBC in Connecticut and as a guest host on WBAI in NYC where she interviewed Hanna Rosin, author of The End of Men and the Rise of Women, and Tim Wise, essayist and author of Dear White America, on the radio show Equal Time for Freethought.

In 2010, Keysha was featured as a guest panelist on The Tyra Banks Show after her now defunct news and lifestyle site garnered the attention of a producer for the episode, “I don’t need a hubby or baby to feel complete.”

She studied improv at NYC’s Magnet Theater, and after attending the Manhattan Comedy School, she performed as a stand-up comic in NYC for a summer, until she ran out of people to invite to her bringer shows.

Currently, she lives in Pennsylvania (she’s still confused about how this happened). She has an MFA in Creative Writing from The New School and teaches writing at Penn State Berks.

Prior to writing first-person nonfiction and humor in 2010, I wrote articles for weekly and regional newspapers in Connecticut and New York. Since then, my writing has appeared national and international outlets.

My writing has appeared in The New Yorker, The New York Times, The Writer, and more.

The list below contains work that I’ve published since 2010. For news clips prior to 2010, email keysha [at]

McSweeney's Internet Tendency




“Welcome To A New Season of Extreme Vetting!”

“Fantasy Politics FAQ.”

The New Yorker logo




“Your Russian Connection: Is There Any There, There?”

“Hacks For Dealing With Your Closetful Of Apple Boxes”

“Tips For Talking To Your Kids About Political Intercourse”

“How To Deal With An Angry Electorate”

The Writer Magazine




“Playing on all 88 keys: The prose playbook of PHILLIP LOPATE.” July 2019, pp. 32-35.

“The Lords and Ladies of LOL: An Inside Look at the Gatekeepers of Contemporary American Humor.” June 2018, pp. 20-29.
“The lords and ladies of LOL: Inside the minds of America’s top humor editors,” online version, June 18, 2018.

“When Disaster Strikes: How Authors Can Recover From Unexpected Publicity Disruption.” September 2017, pp. 20-25.
“When Disaster Strikes Your Book Release,” online version

“When Funny Meets Fate: How Best-selling Author Phoebe Robinson Achieved Her Comedy-writing Dream Life” June 2017, pp. 18-21.
“Phoebe Robinson: When funny meets fate,” online version

“The Hiccups of Self-Publishing or Why One Writer Has 5000 flyers in Her Closet” March 2017, p. 8.
“The Hiccups of Self-Publishing: A Cautionary Tale,” online version

“The Science of Submission.” September 2016, pp. 18-21.

“Essay is the New Black: What I Learned From Veteran Writers At A Panel On Essays”

The New York Times logo



“Defending Lil’ Kim.” Metropolitan Diary, June 6, 2016, p. A20.

Reductress logo




How To Save Your Relationship By Sitting On His Laptop Like A Cat

“Five Fonts For Your Email Signature That Say ‘Fuck This Job'”

“Ass Stinks, Study Finds”

Weekly Humorist Logo




“Thanks For Your Patreon Payment”

“Bucket List for When You Think You Have 38 Minutes to Live Before a Ballistic Missile Strikes”

“President Trump’s Short List for Veterans Affairs Secretary”

Inside Higher Ed logo





“Questions to Ask Before You Take That Faculty Job”

Chronicle of Higher Education Logo



“What I’m Reading: How Learning Works

Brevity logo




“Kareem Abdul-Jabbar: His Essay is a Slam Dunk”

“Writing the Unthinkable: An Exploration of Charles Pierce’s Esquire Column on The Charleston Massacre”

Headland Journal




“A Writer’s Room of One’s Own”

“Estranger Danger.” Issue 3. Kindle edition.*

The Forward




Life, Love, And The Proverbs Of Judge Judy”

Full Grown People logo



“Two Weddings And A Friendship Funeral”

Terse Journal






“Birds Fly Low”

“When Chance is a Cable Bill”

“Absurd on Wheels”

“The Danger of Being Overwait”

“Detours and Triple Deuces”

“The Truth About Time”

Anthologies and Collections

“Default” with Sandy Feinstein in Lehigh Valley Vanguard Collections FIVE: Poetry and Politics*



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