Sarah Gerard juxtaposes chaos and control to craft the narrative in her first novel, Binary Star

“The whole book feels like it’s going to dismantle itself on the next page or sentence, yet somehow Gerard is always in control, building up to a perfect and explosive ending.” – Juliet Escoria, Fanzine

Author Sarah Gerard. Photo by Rich Ochoa

Author Sarah Gerard. Photo by Rich Ochoa

One has to be some kind of writer to execute those literary acrobatics. Sarah Gerard, MFA is the author of the just-released novel, Binary Star which has received hellah-praise and criticism for the past year.  On Sunday, February 22, she will be a guest on the Behind the Prose Radio Show to discuss her writing process and some of the rhetorical moves she makes in Binary Star. 

I met Sarah at The New School in a workshop during our MFA days, and I am super-excited to have her as a guest on the show.  I invite you to purchase the book, read it, and listen to the live show. Sarah will take your questions about writing and the writing life on the air!

Sarah Gerard is the author of the novel Binary Star and the chapbook “Things I Told My Mother.” Her short works have appeared in the New York Times, the Paris Review DailyJoyland, the Los Angeles Review of Books and other journals. She holds an MFA from The New School and works at BOMB Magazine.