Episode 5 on Demand: No Excuse Zone with writer and physician Andrew Bomback

Physician and Writer Andrew Bomback

Physician and Writer Andrew Bomback

On Sunday, Feb. 15, I spoke with Dr. Andrew Bomback about his two essays “I Know That Elmo is Not a Child Molester” and “Errands” which ran in Full Grown People and the Journal of the American Medical Association, respectively.

Associate Senior Editor of JAMA, Roxanne K. Young, said that Andrew’s essay hooked her at the title and first paragraph and explained why she thinks the work makes people cry. Since she’s read close to 14,000 essays in her 38-year career at JAMA, it’s safe to assume getting her attention is not to be taken lightly.

In this interview, Andrew tells us how he manages to write while practicing medicine and raising a family with his wife. Plus, Dr. Bomback gives us all a prescription for a better writing life.Thank to the Journal of the American Medical Association from Behind the Prose

JAMA has generously made “ERRANDS” available for free – a limited time only! Download your copy of “Errands” with this link, but you’re on your own with the Kleenex.

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