The Roundup: Sharisse Tracey episode hits #1 on BlogTalkRadio writing podcasts; New School blog features Behind the Prose host

EP#29 of BTP hits #1 with Sharisse TraceyI’m going to urge you to get in where you fit in. And that means wedging yourself into the gaggle of folks who’ve listened to episode 29 of Behind the Prose featuring essayist Sharisse Tracey.

The show hit #1 the week that I released it, and the next week it was still in the top five at number 2.

For good reason too.

A writer friend called me on Sunday and revealed she’d been inspired into a five a.m. writing binge after listening to Sharisse whose work she already had been following! Sharisse’s followers are tearin’ up Twitter with all kinds of praise for her interview too.

Episode 29 lands in top five writing shows on its second week.

As I said on the show, my fellow New School alum’s bio is a “beast,” and she spurs me to step up my own game.

I guess it’s something in the water at The New School. That’s why I’m truly honored to be featured on The Writing Program’s blog this week. New School MFA nonfiction student Sincere Brooks skyped with me a couple weeks ago for their alumni interview series. Check out the great interview here!

Of course, I can’t mention New School without plugging Susan Shapiro, who is also teacher to Sharisse Tracey. We both took Sue’s weekend writing class and after that, well, you know what happens. See Tracey’s bio. Though I didn’t meet Sharisse through Sue, it’s still another installment of Six Degrees of Susan Shapiro who you can listen to on Behind the Prose as well. If you’re in the New York area, check out Sue’s FREE Secrets of Publishing Panel on November 17.

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The New School Writing Program's Sincere Brooks interviews Keysha Whitaker.