I interview primarily nonfiction writers, but I have interviewed a few novelists and short story writers. It seems most of those have been YA. Maybe that’s a trend I will continue, but for now, the author’s genres are not methodically selected.

I read what interests me and what I admire. Here’s a breakdown of guests by the primary genre that we discussed on their show.

Jennifer Genest
Sarah Gerard
Natalie Baszile
Joan Dempsey
Rachel Toor, On the Road to Find Out, Young Adult novel, PT 1 and Part 2
Neil Smith, Boo, Young Adult novel
Scott Alexander Hess, The Butcher’s Sons
Sean Ennis, Chase Us

Tavonne Carson, Episode 1: The Writing Process
Soo Na Pak
Aimee Baker
Andrew S. Bomback, M.D.
Cameron Conaway
Carlos Lozada
Kenny Porpora
Chelsey Clammer
Soraya Nadia McDonald
Rachel Toor, Part 1 and Part 2
Lee Gutkind
Lee Gutkind’s Creative Nonfiction Law and Order Yellow Test from Creative Nonfiction Writers’ Conference 2015
Jennifer Niesslein
Kira Lynne Allen
Kate Walter
Gwen Hernandez, Part 1 and Part 2
Susan Shapiro
Erik Deckers
Sharisse Tracey reveals how she got bylines on The New York Times and more
Dinty W. Moore talks process, persistence, and prose: Episode 30
Jessica Contrera, reporter at The Washington Post, Episode 31
Kim Brooks, personal essays editor at Salon.com, Episode 32
Jacki Skole, teacher, broadcast journalist, author of Dogland, Episode 33
Elana Rabinowitz talks landing bylines in The New York Times and more, Episode 34 

Nimesh Gandhi