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Humor writer Adam Rotstein

Episode 45: A discussion with humor writer Adam Rotstein

Hey Prosers, I know. I know.  Let’s not talk about that lil’ missing in action thing. The important thing is that I’m here now and so are you! This episode features a humor writer that I discovered earlier this year on McSweeney’s. Adam Rotstein has an

Lee Gutkind

Episode 37: Structure for Longform Nonfiction presented by Lee Gutkind, live from The 2016 Creative Nonfiction Writers’ Conference

Last year Creative Nonfiction Magazine and Behind the Prose teamed up to bring you special excerpts from the amazing  Creative Nonfiction Writers’ Conference (CNFWC).  (Remember Lee Gutkind’s feature panel on how Law and Order teaches story structure to creative nonfiction writers?) This year, if you couldn’t join us in Pittsburgh,