Episode 13: A candid conversation with Washington Post reporter Soraya McDonald

A screenshot of McDonald's article "Retellings of 'Romeo and Juliet' ranked. She's seen all ten of them. And not because she had to write the article.

A screenshot of McDonald’s article “Retellings of ‘Romeo and Juliet’ ranked. She’s seen all ten of them. And not because she had to write the article.

This week’s episode features a candid conversation with Washington Post reporter Soraya McDonald. In this interview, you’ll recognize right away the wit that shades much of her prose.  Soraya is a graduate of Howard University and began covering the high school sports desk as a college intern at the Washington Post. After traveling across the country completing journalism fellowships, internships, and eventually employment, Soraya – a woman from a small town in North Carolina -returned to the Washington Post where she eventually became a staff reporter.

I discovered her work last year when I read an article about a female gamer who had received death threats. Soraya had been covering the story for some time, and I wanted her to speak to my article writing class.

When I started Behind the Prose, I knew she would be an amazing guest. I have a ton of bonus  material which includes what I’m calling a how-to-make-the-most-out-of-a-college-experience guide for students and the rest of us who might be sitting back wondering where we went wrong.

Episode 13 also gives you the 411 on a new daily humor site, The Reject Pile. Founded by writer Joel Miller, the site wants your unwanted work. Thank goodness somebody finally does!

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Retellings of ‘Romeo and Juliet,’ ranked by Soraya McDonald

Show Notes:

0:01 Today’s episode of Behind the Prose is sponsored by Scrivener. A word processor and project management tool that helps you get to the end of that awkward first draft. And believe you me, it’s awkward. For more information visit literatureandlatte.com.

1:08 Writer’s Check In
3:26 Feature: The Reject Pile and Editor Joel Miller
8:22 Feature Guest: Soraya McDonald
9:09 On working at the Washington Post
11:06 Soraya on writing with a deadline
17:58 Crafting a colloquial and comic voice
19:20 You’ve seen how many versions of Romeo and Juliet?
23:41 Where’s Leo’s Oscar?
26:21 On achieving good pace in news writing
27:30 Soraya’s favorite genre to write in is . . .
30:00 A game with no name!
32:56 Sundance Film Festival is a very supportive atmosphere

Soraya McDonald

Soraya McDonald

Soraya Nadia McDonald covers arts, entertainment and culture for the Washington Post with a focus on race and gender issues.