Episode 15: Songwriting 101 with Gandhi, a musician with a mission

Rebel On, by Gahndi & Mission on Mars

Rebel On, by Gahndi & Mission on Mars

This episode of Behind the Prose is more like Behind the Lyrics. Indiana-born, New York-based singer/songwriter Gandhi takes us on a journey that starts when he taught himself how to play the guitar and write songs. That was 15 years ago. Today, like prose writers, Gandhi says through an process of experimentation and practice, he’s found his voice and is preparing for the release of Rebel On, an EP that reflects the musician with a mission he’s become.

In this interview, you’ll learn there are many parallels between penning lyrics and writing prose, including a surprising discovery about the role of the producer.

We listen to some of Gandhi’s song’s, dissect his lyrics, and invite you out to Brooklyn on May 1, where Gandhi will perform a collaboration show with writer and photographer Abigail Ekue. The Darker Side of Lust Private Reading and Concert features Ekue’s erotic poetry and Gandhi’s acoustic melodies and vocals.

Go ahead. Listen. Learn. Write songs.

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Singer/Songwriter Nimesh Gandhi

Singer/Songwriter Nimesh Gandhi

GANDHI is Queens, NY based musician Nimesh Gandhi. He writes, produces and performs songs of melancholy, angst and hope. GANDHI songs beckon listeners on a journey to new worlds and alternate possibilites. His songs are delivered on a soundbed of classic Rock and Roll riffs, folk melodies and minimal electronica. GANDHI is inspired by all the great American and British singer/songwriters from just about every decade. On stage, he is surrounded by a rotating all-star cast of New York musicians, proficient in just about every instrument. His own guitar is never far at hand, and he is equally comfortable on the strings or on voice alone. After a decade of penning songs and finding his true songwriting voice, GANDHI has unleashed single tracks “Anjali”, “Early Summer”, his debut, 4 song EP, “King to Be.” Upcoming single release, “Rebel On” and follow up EP due out Spring 2015. He invites listeners to continue to join him in a song or a fantastical ride at any of his live shows.