Episode 18: Get your grown writer on with editor of Full Grown People, Jennifer Niesslein, co-founder of Brain, Child Mag

Hello from Pittsburgh, PA!

I’m way past my bedtime and I still have homework to do for Dinty W. Moore’s Master Class at the Creative Nonfiction Writers Conference 2015.

But the show must go on. And boy is it a show. Jennifer Niesslein, a founder of Brain, Child Magazine, discusses her latest venture, an online literary journal, Full Grown People and anthology of the same name. I interviewed one of Jennifer’s essayists,  the great Andrew Bomback in February, then I pitched her myself. She accepted!

Alyssa Sorresso. Photo by Jacob Boll.

Alyssa Sorresso. Photo by Jacob Boll.

In this interview, she explains how her life experiences fuel her entrepreneurial ventures and what makes a compelling essay about “the other awkward age.”

Plus, a Behind the Prose bonus interview with Alyssa Sorresso (the spelling of her name is so symmetrical; I love it) who had her first major break in the issue of Creative Nonfiction that hit the stands in June 2014. She’s got great energy and I suspect it will ride the airwaves right to you if you need a boost.

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SHOW NOTES (Compiled by Walker Webb, Spring 2017 Editorial Intern)

  • Ever turn one of life’s hardships into a business model? No? Well Jennifer Niesslein did, twice. Listen in at [3:58] to find out how.
  • Belong to any groups for writers? Compare notes with the host on her experiences with Full Grown People’s writers’ community at [13:51].
  • Alyssa Sorresso has a pretty unique way of composing your pieces. Go to [38:11], see if any of her methods might help you with your drafting.
  • Ever had to step back from a piece to look at it more objectively? Alyssa shares a personal experience at [43:38] where doing just that helped push her writing to the next level.


Jennifer Niesslein

Jennifer Niesslein

Jennifer is a writer and editor in living in Charlottesville, Virginia. Her latest project is Full Grown People, a web magazine of essays.  She’s the author of Practically Perfect in Every Way and the co-founder of  Brain, Child magazine, where she worked for thirteen years. Her writing has appeared in The Washington Post, Salon, and The Morning News, among other places. She’s a regular contributor to the Virginia Quarterly Review online and a contributor to The Nervous Breakdown. She sometimes leads workshops at WriterHouse, and she offers individual writing coaching for essayists.

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