About Behind the Prose

Behind the Prose is a podcast that deconstructs the work of contemporary authors, essayists, and journalists. Through in-depth interviews, the show investigates writers’ choices and motivations – from sentence structure to chapter breaks – to explore and demystify the writing process.

Begun in January 2015, the show will launch its second season in September 2016 on BlogTalkRadio, where it landed several number one rankings on the platform’s writing channel.

There’s not many of us, but there’s one more than last season!
Keysha Whitaker produces Behind the Prose

Keysha Whitaker, Executive Producer and Host
Keysha studied and performed standup and improv comedy in New York City and has an MFA in creative writing from The New School. She primarily writes nonfiction and humor. Her writing has recently appeared in The New Yorker’s “Daily Shouts,” The New York Times, and The Writer.


Sarah Lorish, Intern
Sarah Lorish is a writer and independent filmmaker in Pennsylvania. Sarah is a senior in the Professional Writing program at Pennsylvania State University-Berks and is completing an internship as an associate producer and co-host of Behind the Prose.  She is currently working on a manuscript.

Walker Webb, Editorial Intern
Walker Webb is Professional Writing major with a minor in Global Studies at Penn State Berks. Reflecting his academic pursuits are his passions for story in all its forms and world cultures and histories. Here, a humble transcriber for Behind the Prose, Walker has written in several different capacities across many genres, though his favorite by far is creative fiction. He is sitting on three manuscripts and will likely write a fourth before sending the first one out.


To contact Behind the Prose, email info (at) behindtheprose.com.

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