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Download transcripts, which I create using oTranscribe, of Behind the Prose in MS Word files. I try to make sure that there aren’t any typos – major ones at least – but if you find a serious correction, please let me know.

This semester (Spring 2017), Behind the Prose’s editorial intern, Walker Webb, is updating our transcripts and show notes. You can read more about Walker here.

Episode 1: The Writing Process with Tavonne Carson
Episode 2: Go Behind the Prose with Jennifer Genest
Episode 3 (2/1/2015): Location, Voice, and Tone in Creative Nonfiction with Soo Na Pak
Episode 4: This Monstrous Narrative with Aimee Baker

Episodes 5-8: COMING SOON

Episode 9: NRP Best Book author Cameron Conaway talks poetry and prose
Episode 10: Bad sentences beware of Carlos Lozada of The Washington Post
Episode 11: The Autumn Balloon and author Kenny Porpora
Episode 12: Chelsey Clammer, author of BodyHome
Episode 13: A candid convo with Washington Post Reporter Soraya McDonald
Episode 14: Running across genres – nonfiction author Rachel Toor pens debut YA novel, Part One
Episode 15: Songwriting 101 with Gandhi, a musician with a mission
Episode 16: An intimate conversation with Lee Gutkind, the “Godfather” of Creative Nonfiction
Episode 17: Running across genres with Rachel Toor, Part Two
Episode 18: Get your grown writer on with editor of Full Grown People, Jennifer Niesslein, co-founder of Brain, Child Mag
Episode 19: Memoir, meet Poetry: Kira Lynne Allen crafts debut book in two genres
Episode 20: Writing intimacy, pain, and hope with memoirist Kate Walter, author of Looking for a Kiss: A Chronicle of Downtown Heartbreak and Healing
Episode 21: Lee Gutkind’s Incredible Creative Nonfiction Law and Order Power of Story Yellow Test, July 12, 2015
Episode 22: How to write a novel when you don’t know how to write a novel with Neil Smith, author of Boo and Bang Crunch
Episode 23: How to write a For Dummies book with Gwen Hernandez, author of Scrivener For Dummies
Episode 24: How to write a For Dummies book and romantic suspense (but not at the same time) with author Gwen Hernandez, Part Two
Episode 25: Bestselling author Susan Shapiro goes behind her genre-crossing prose in candid interview
Episode 26: How to write literary fiction with Scott Hess, author of The Butcher’s Sons
Episode 27: Chasing down the narrative with Sean Ennis, author of Chase Us
Episode 28: Humor and the House of Kerouac with Erik Deckers

Episode 29 – Essayist Sharisse Tracey reveals how she got bylines on The New York Times, Salon, Yahoo, and more

Episode 30 – The Unconventional Nonsequential Writer: Author and professor Dinty W. Moore talks process, persistence, and prose
Episode 31: Washington Post reporter Jessica Contrera schools future journalists on career and craft
Episode 32: Salon editor Kim Brooks goes behind the prose of “Life” essays
Episode 33: Jacki Skole merges memoir and investigative journalism in new book, Dogland
Episode 34: Elana Rabinowitz talks landing bylines in The New York Times and more
Episode 35: Salon editor Kim Brooks discusses her captivating debut novel, The Houseguest

Episodes 36 – 38: COMING SOON
Episode 39: Write This Way: How to develop a Niche in Your Writing, live from the Creative Nonfiction Writers’ Conference

Episodes 40 – 43: COMING SOON

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