Episode 36: Erik Deckers and The House That Jack Built (Kerouac, that is)

Hey Prosers,

In this episode, we’re going down to Florida to find out how author and humor writer Erik Deckers is adjusting to his new Orlando home. Well, he’s kinda got two homes down there at the moment – his own and his temporary one in Jack Kerouac’s old house.

I interviewed Erik last year, just before he moved to Florida from Indianapolis. This spring, he took residence in Jack Kerouac’s house as the sixtieth writer-in-residence that The Kerouac Project has funded.

In this show, Erik will tell us how the amazing writerly vibe of the house and the Orlando literary community is changing his world, and I talk to The Kerouac Project Selection Committee Chair Geoff Benge. Benge tells us what the committee looks for in an applicant for their great residency.

If you’re in the Orlando area, check out Erik Deckers’ final reading on Saturday, May 21, 2016 at The Kerouac House. Details are in the show or connect with Erik on Twitter!

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Writer Erik Deckers

Erik Deckers

Erik Deckers is the president of Pro Blog Service in Indianapolis, a content marketing agency with clients throughout the United States. He is also the co-author of Branding Yourself, No Bullshit Social Media, and The Owned Media Doctrine. Erik has been blogging since 1997, and has been a published writer for more than 26 years. He has also been a newspaper humor columnist for 20 years, and has written several radio plays and stage plays, as well as numerous business articles. Erik was recently named the writer-in-residence at the Jack Kerouac House in Orlando for Spring 2016.


Geoff Benge of The Kerouac Project

Geoff Benge of The Kerouac Project

Geoff Benge is the selection committee chair of The Kerouac Project. The Kerouac Project provides four residencies a year to writers of any stripe or age, living anywhere in the world. Each residency consists of approximately a three month stay in the cottage where Jack Kerouac wrote his novel Dharma Bums. Utilities and a food stipend of $1,000 are included. All you are required to do is work on your writing project and participate in two events while a resident—a welcome potluck dinner, and a reading of your work at the Kerouac House. Should you desire them, the Kerouac Project can also offer opportunities for you to participate in other readings, lead workshops, and interact in other ways with the vibrant Central Florida literary community.