The Writer Magazine publishes Keysha Whitaker in the September 2016 issue: “Rate of Rejection”

The Writer Magazine, Sept. 2016

The Writer Magazine’s Sept. 2016 issue features a cover story by me!

This month, the September 2016 issue of The Writer hits newsstands.

The magazine’s cover story was my article, “The Science of Submission!”

My grad school mentor, Susan Shapiro, always says writers will be successful if they “Write about your obsessions.” And this article is certainly proof of that.

In 2014, I became more fixated with submitting work for publication and logging that work in a spreadsheet. Most English people hate math (I do), but I admit that something about statistics intrigues me so I started calculating the percentage of acceptances in my file and came up with an acceptance rate that seemed to hold true over time. But was it just me? I pitched the piece to The Writer and I’m honored they accepted it!

In this article, you’ll learn about how writers Chelsey Clammer,  Susanna Donato, and Nick Arvin track their submissions and whether my guess that writers get accepted 10% of the time, holds up. Prof. David Aldous at the University of California, Berkeley checks my math and Duotrope, an online submissions tracker, shares what their stats reveal about the science of submission.

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