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On Revision: Cut It Out

BY CHELSEY CLAMMER       The firehouse burns down. The teacher fails a test. Fahrenheit 451 is a banned book. Reader, meet irony: when an intended meaning is different than the actual meaning, when a situation may end differently than anticipated. The difference between

The Reject Pile is a new daily humor site

Got rejection? New humor site wants your shunned work

If you’re a writer, you’re a reject. It’s your job to send your work into the world and hope someone finds it worthy of sharing with their coveted audience. Most times, they don’t. So what’s a writer to do? Enter The Reject Pile, a new

Obsession: A sexy scent for writers

A couple years ago, I started saving quotes by writers – kind of like Rachel Toor refers to in her article on The Chronicle of Higher Education. I wasn’t writing nowhere near as consistently as I am now (and by “nowhere near” I mean that

Wise, but rude, writing advice and why it works

BY KEYSHA WHITAKER “Writing is hard. For most writers, the financial rewards are few. I know the best I can hope for—and I hope for this daily—is a nice email from a stranger letting me know that something I wrote helped. Or moved them. Or